TNT Chem Dry vs. Carpet Steam Cleaners

Many of our new carpet cleaning customers don’t know the difference between steam cleaners and the service provided by TNT Chem-Dry. We like to say that there are three primary differences between steam cleaners and our carpet cleaning service here in Murfreesboro:

Cleaning Solution

Chem-Dry’s patented carbonated cleaning solution is called The Natural® – think of it as a supercharged club soda. The Natural is non-toxic, odorless, and a very effective. Like club soda, our solution employs bubbles to liberate even the toughest stains; unlike typical soda applications, we heat ours to 220 degrees to make it even more effective. Our solution won’t leave a sticky residue that can collect dirt. And because we don’t have to use too much of it, carpets dry in as little as two hours.

Steam cleaning solutions can contain unwanted chemicals you don’t want in your carpet or upholstery, including soaps, surfactants, and brighteners that can leave an odor as well as a residue that attracts dirt and grime. Because soaps can be hard to remove from carpeting, the process often requires a lot of water. This can saturate the carpet pad, extending the dry time from hours to days which in turn can lead to mold or bacteria issues.

Cleaning Equipment

TNT Chem-Dry’s patented cleaning machine is called the PowerHead® and it features amplified extraction technology; it’s the most advanced, efficient, and effective cleaning machine in the industry. This rotary cleaning machine injects The Natural® into Murfreesboro’s carpets while working it in with gentle rotary agitation; then we whisk moisture and staining materials away using the extreme vacuum extraction provided by our powerful CTS 450 truck-mount system.

Steam cleaners mainly rely upon the cleaning wand. This tool has been the standard for years and is the most common tool used by carpet cleaning companies. Compared to the extraction the PowerHead provides, wands are not as effective in cleaning carpet (especially Berber). First of all, wands can leave behind a lot of moisture. Other companies may use the old tank and buffer cleaning process, which consists of a spray tank, buffing machine and cloth pads; this process does provide rotary action but not the essential components of heat or vacuum.

A Superior Cleaning Process

When it comes to our cleaning process and service, TNT Chem-Dry raises the bar. Not every Chem-Dry in Murfreesboro uses the same cleaning system that we do. While other Chem-Drys use the original tank and buffer cleaning system, TNT Chem-Dry uses only the latest Chem-Dry equipment.

When TNT Chem-Dry arrives at your home, we do a complete walk-through and evaluation of your carpet; we also ask you to point out any problem areas in your carpet or upholstery. We also take the time to educate you about our cleaning process, so you understand what we do and why we do it.

Only after we’ve discussed your carpet cleaning needs will we calculate a price. And only after everything is agreed upon will we get to work. Each room will be deep-cleaned, detailed, and groomed – even in the corners, behind doors, along the baseboards, and underneath standing furniture. After the cleaning is complete we ask that you take a final look to inspect our work. Only then will we ask for payment. We won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied.

Steam cleaners’ cleaning processes can vary, and so can their results. So we recommend that you ask a lot of questions if and when you consider a steam cleaning company. For instance, “Do you have to use my water or connect a hose to my faucet? Do you have to dump waste water into my toilet? Do you have to set up fans to help the carpet dry faster? Do I have to vacuum the carpet after you leave? Do you leave any soap or residue in my carpet? We think the answers may surprise you.

Have any questions about our carpet cleaning process? Call TNT Chem-Dry today. You’ll discover that we’re as friendly as we are knowledgeable, and you’ll soon understand why we’re Murfreesboro’s trusted carpet cleaning service.