Oriental Area Rug Cleaning in Murfreesboro


Your oriental and area rugs are treasures and can be very valuable investments in your home. We have special tools, products and techniques to properly clean your area rugs with great care.

Our Process

Although we only use a fraction of the water compared to many steam cleaning companies, we always prefer to remove most rugs from the home and not clean them on your floors. By removing the rug from your home, we’re able to get the best possible clean without risking damage to your hardwood floor. TNT Chem-Dry has a complete oriental area rug cleaning facility where we’re able to carefully clean your rug, returning it to you in pristine condition.

Pet Urine and Odor Removal

We are also experts in Pet Urine Odor Removal! This is one of the most common issues customers have with rugs. Over the counter products or “pet odor elimination recipes” found online rarely work and can cause even more damage to the rug. Chem-Dry has created the most effective Rug Urine Treatment and Submersion Cleaning Process exclusively for pet urine odor removal for oriental area rugs. We have had wonderful success removing odor, even with severely damaged rugs.


Due to a wide variety construction materials and styles of oriental and area rugs determining a price for the cleaning can vary. Most rugs have a tag in one of the corners that will indicate the size and material. This can be helpful information when asking for a cleaning price quote. We offer FREE pick-up and delivery within a 25 mile radius of downtown Nashville.